Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Laura Aurora

Hi Laura! Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview! When I saw your photo I was in complete awe of your uniqueness and beauty! Women like you inspire me and the members of DCAC.

Hi Sarah. It’s my pleasure. DCAC is helping to spread a great message and I’m honored you’d like me to be a part of that. Thank you so much! I’m still overwhelmed when someone says I inspire them; it’s the biggest compliment ever.

One of the first things that I notice about you is your makeup! It’s absolutely beautiful! Do you do your own makeup or do you have a makeup artist? What type of makeup do you use most often?

I do my own makeup in almost all of my photos and am self taught through trial and error. Not being afraid to try new things is what has brought me to the formula I currently use and it’s constantly evolving. Aside from the basics, I use purple lipsticks the most. I just love the look and, if you couldn’t tell, it’s my favorite color!

I have spent quite a bit of time browsing your photos and looking at your tattoos. How many tattoos do you have? Do you have a favorite?

Currently I’m working on tattoo number 25. Choosing a favorite is too hard! They’re all so different and, although I choose designs based purely on aesthetics rather than deep meanings which I consider a little pretentious, they all do have significance to me and stories behind them.

And of course we have to talk about your piercings! I’m a big fan of dimple piercings and absolutely love them on you! How many piercings do you have? Which was most painful for you? What was your very first body piercing?
Thank you. Right now I have *counts* 17 piercings, but have been pierced over 50 times during my modification journey. I don’t really like saying which was the most painful, as everyone is different and I’d hate that to put someone off having it. My very first was a modest nostril piercing as a present for doing well in my exams at school.

How did you get in to alternative modeling? How long have you been doing it?

I got into modelling because I kept being approached by photographers, designers, MUAs etc. to model for them. I’m still surprised and delighted every time someone asks me to work with them! I’ve only been doing it officially for about six months and am very proud of what I have achieved in that time.

I love the clothes you wear in your photos! Do you have a favorite clothing line?

The brand that dominates my wardrobe is Cyberdog. It’s been my favorite for as long as I can remember and part of the reason I moved to London last year was to work for them. Doing something you love for a living is a great feeling! I’m drawn to it because the clothes are fun, unique and have a very signature look which compliments mine perfectly.

Would you be willing to share a photo of yourself before you started modifying your body?

Attached is a copy of my Year 11 school photo! Taken just before my exams and that simple little nostril piercing that got the ball rolling!

Do you find you get treated differently because of how you look? If so, how do you deal with that?
I do get treated differently, but in a hugely positive way. People want photos with me, compliment me and have a million questions. They’re intrigued by my appearance and that makes them curious about what makes me tick. I deal with it by being polite and trying to keep my patience. Sure I get asked the same questions a lot, but it’s the first time for each person asking it. It’s just part of the package!

As you know, Dead Chicks Are Cool is based around the idea of women not conforming to society’s standards. Doing so can be hard at times because there is so much pressure for women to look and act a certain way. Do you have any advice for girls and women who are struggling to be their own unique person because of the things people say or the way they are treated?

My advice is to do what you do with conviction. You know you look amazing; exude that into the world around you and let it show through your body language. And if you hear anything negative, it’s a bigger reflection on the person saying it than on yourself. You weren’t put on this planet to please anyone anyway! The way you present yourself is one of the only things you have near complete control over so make the most of it! People are looking because you’re beautiful! Enjoy it!

Thank you so much Laura! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you a little better!

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