Friday, March 22, 2013

Countess Grotesque - The Artist, The Makeup Artist, The Model

I’d love to hear how and when you became Countess Grotesque!
Where it all started eh? Honestly by chance. I was a at a friends house and for the sake of it I joined a modeling networking website because my friend wanted me to join with her. Back then there were a lot less alt models in work picked up pretty quickly. It went from a little hobby to becoming my life 
And when...It was about 11 years ago (ahhh showing my age there) hehe.

Have you always had such an original and unique style? And have you ever been looked down upon for it?
Yeah, I've always been a weirdo. I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and the schools were tiny...I didn't know what 'goth' was or anything..I just had a creative flair since day one.
I think we all have been looked down upon for how we matter what subculture or culture or even 'form of mainstream' you are. You can't please everyone and I don't intend to try to.

How do you deal with people who don’t understand and come down on you because of your appearance?
I'm actually pretty chill about it. I think each to their own. Whomever is judging me for being different, I am probably thinking to myself "wow, this person is very sheltered" I deal with it in a mature way usually. If it's a random yelling passer by saying something rude, I may snap back something witty but equally as rude. Generally speaking though, I try to set a good example for alt people by explaining to those who do not understand why I look the way I do. Surprisingly most people are interested in hearing more.
When did your love of makeup artistry start?
When I realised I was horrid at it haha. I shaved off my brows quite young and they were bad...but I wanted to do fun things, arty things with my make-up to go with my image. It ended up being an occupation quite a few years ago though.

Is there a favorite look you’ve created on yourself so far?
I always go back to my death hawk. And I always go back to rainbows. I like to mesh a lot of looks and create my own.
I know you collect and modify My Little Pony dolls. Can you share a pic of your collection or a pic of your favorite one?
I modify all sorts of things m'dear...but my Monster High Doll collection is bigger I think hehe.

What is one thing that you love most about yourself?
I am a very genuine person. I am honest and blunt and will do anything for those I care about. Their happiness means the world to me. So I love myself for being loving 
If you had to define yourself in 3 words what would they be?
"what the f**k" lol that is a good answer.
You're making me think now.. hehe..
"affectionate rainbow alien" There we go.
Who do you look up to in the world of makeup artistry and alternative modeling?
No specific people to be honest. I do find myself staring at make-up in film and if I like it I will take note. I actually really enjoy the make-up I find by not so well known artists...sometimes the underdogs are the most creative. Same goes with modelling, I don't have a fav model, I just like to enjoy well known alt and high end fashion model's work. I love to see what alt models come up with on their own and I adore to watch them grow as models.
We hear so many stories on the DCAC page of women and girls overcoming struggles in their lives. Have you ever had to overcome something really difficult and if so, how did you do so?
I don't want to get all 'woe is me' here but I have had a tough life. I've had more than my fair share of hardships and hit rock bottom many times because of it. However...unless you want to just lay on the ground and take pull yourself back up, dust yourself off and say "I'm bacccck!". I've even suffered to the point of having extreme agoraphobia (not leaving the house) for nearly a year. But here I am now running my own club event once a month and DJing even! I like to say I have fallen so far into hell so many times that I left a trampoline there awhile ago because these days I spring right back up. I am a lot stronger now. I could never have done so alone though. Without the support of my close friends and my mummy...who knows where I'd be...probably in 'woe is me' land.
If you could offer a word of advice to girls out there who are struggling to fit in because they don’t fit the mold of what society says is acceptable what would that advice be?
Let me just say this...if anyone ever says anything about you not being 'normal'..just simply reply with "I AM normal for normality is relative to the individual"..that should shut them up  because it is true. Never feel bad because you're different in any way. Whether you choose to be a crazy rainbow weirdo social butterfly like me...or a more subtle yet still known as "abnormal"...just remind are normal for you shouldn't ever be anything you are not. Be proud you are not a clone or cookie cutter mold like some other people...we are all different yet we all bleed how we look on the outside should not matter. Our outside is just our why not have fun with that canvas? It's so cliche but it is said for a reason "be yourself". (because no one else can be you) ;p

Interview by Sarah Skeen

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Aine Garrett said...

I absolutely love Countess, I have followed her for years now ever since I found her on the internet. Thank you for the interview and a little inside information about her. She is an amazing woman!