Tuesday, September 24, 2013

4 Beautiful Dead Chicks

Dead Chicks from left to right: Stef Blaze, Lissette Josie Bambace, Veronica Levam, Gina Mendoza.

Photography: Andres Pagan
Painter: Lavinia Solano
Hair: Kimberly Young  

Stef Blaze: I'm a dead chick at heart. Always have been. Even on the days I'm tame, I still "keep it real". Realist with a twist of optimism, because you have to look toward the better side of things. I feel a dead chick is sassy, alluring, sexy, and still classy. And those are the same four words I would use to describe myself.

Lissette Josie BambaceI am a dead chick at heart because I live to take risks and refuse to not face my fears. I believe a dead chick is a beautiful, bold, misconstrude, often rejected but secretly lusted over, bad ass! For those reasons alone, I'm proud to be a dead chick.

Veronica LevamI was born in Guatemala, and raised in Long Island, New York. This past year, I started to take my passion for art and talent to a new level, and became a certified makeup artist. I'm currently a freelance model, feeling inspired and motivated. “This is my natural love, and when you do what you love, you will not work another day in your life”. I want to be heard through my makeup, seen through my modeling, and experienced through my acting. I want to create a brand for myself as a proud Latina. Through my art I want to inspire my community to persevere, and achieve. I have a responsibility as parent to show my two daughters how to obtain a goal, live a dream, but be strong enough to face a nightmare.
This is why I am a Dead Chick at heart! I am with the Movement.

Gina MendozaGrowing up I was always bullied and made fun of, whether for my looks or the clothes I was wearing. I always felt like the ugly duckling. I had always said that when I grow up I want to make a difference and show everyone that they are beautiful on the inside and out, no matter how rich or poor they are. I decided to try out modeling to help build my confidence and to show others that no matter what you have been through you can do whatever you set your heart out to do. As an aspiring model, I have met some wonderful people and many of them have been through the same things I have, that is why I feel I am a part of the Dead Chicks are Cool community. I truly feel like a beautiful swan now and I hope I can make other girls feel beautiful and happy about themself. It feels good knowing that I am not the only person out there who had a hard time growing up and I am thankful for all the people I have met, as well as for showing me what true beauty really is.

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