Monday, December 16, 2013

Loving Who We Are And All The Bits In Between

Well, we all know how hard it can be to love ourselves, right? No matter how many nice words your friends, partners, or people you love say to or about you it can be so hard to find something you like about yourself, especially when magazines, films, and the internet are all telling you how you should and shouldn't look. I believe that everyone has the right to look however they want . Whatever makes you feel good is what matters.

We have all noticed that in the last few years tattoos, piercings, bright hair and much much more have become pretty popular among women and men. People either love it or hate it and a lot of people don't understand it causing tattoos or piercings and the alternative fashion to get a lot of negative attention. But what they don't realize is the impact something as simple as a tattoo or a hair color/style can have on someone's confidence and lives . These things can change people and help people love their bodies and themselves more then anyone could ever understand. Its a sad thing that some people try to put others down because of how they look and how they choose to express themselves. I think people should be taught from an early age that being different is OK and doesn't make them a "freak", as many people get branded with
that word. It's so important to be yourself and if that means you want to look a bit different than the norm then where is the harm in that?

Some people seem to have forgotten that standing out is a GOOD thing. If we were all the same it would be such a boring world. Everyone has their own ways to feel good about themselves, some people just have to love whats on the outside first before they love whats inside.

Anya K├Ątzchen Atta

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