Monday, February 3, 2014

Interview: Cortney Maylee Pinup Model

I want to start off by asking you how you found your way in to the modeling world?
I never really tried to become a "model", I kind of fell into it. I just enjoyed being dressed up and would attend Car Shows almost every weekend in the summer. People wanted to take pictures of me and kept asking me if I was a model. I thought of it just as a fun little hobby, but come to find out I was actually pretty good at the whole "modeling thing" and decided to give it a go 100%

I love your pinup style!  What classic pinups are you most inspired by?  Modern day pinups?
My favorite classic pinups are Jayne Mansfield, and Jean Harlow. They were so full of sass and personality, and proud to be women. My favorite modern pinups are Doris Mayday and Dita Von Teese.  I love Doris's style and girl next door personality that shines through in her photos, she seems like a gal I could be friends with. And who ISN'T inspired by Dita, that women is a goddess! Her face, her style, and poise is just amazing. 

Your ink is amazing!  I particularly love your peacock thigh piece!  Do you have a favorite?  What was your first tattoo and when did you get it?
Well, thank you, it will be even more amazing when it is completed. Ben Hatfield ( is working very hard on it, but because it is such a big piece we are doing it in multiple sessions.

Picking my favorite is hard, especially after you start accumulating so many. A few of my favorites would have to be my Pinup Girl on my left forearm and The Little Mermaid on my right forearm both done by I had a vision in mind for both of these tattoos for so long, and when I saw Davids work I just knew he was the one to do them. My obsession and love for Ariel started when I was very young and never went away so it was very important to execute it properly and David did not disappoint. One more tattoo I cannot forget to mention is a very special friendship tattoo I got with my very best friend Jessica Wright. It is the heart with the camera on my left calve, she got a heart with a makeup brush and blow dryer on the inside as hers. We chose those items for our symbols for each other, a camera for her being a photographer and makeup brushes for me being a makeup artist. Mike Gilpin of Nice Guys Tattoo Studio ( ) did an amazing job , not to mention dealt with Jess and I for several hours while doing them. 

My very first tattoo is what you call the "tramp stamp" on my lower back. It's not in a lot of photos because I'm usually in high waist undies of some sort. Its a heart with tribal on my lower back I got when I first turned 18. Although its not a terrible tattoo, its just not me, and I have plans to get it covered up with something more my style.

Is modeling your full time profession and if not what is your day job?  Do you hope to make modeling your full time job?
I have went back and forth with modeling as my full time job. Living in Ohio there are not a lot of paying gigs, and the ones your find are a little on the weird side or just bad photography. I was able to just get by on doing it full time a few years ago and then finally had to get  a "real" job working for a Body Shop so I could have stable income. But I recently went back to Pinup as my full time job, but I'm doing more than just modeling. A few years back I decided to put my retro hair and makeup skills to good use, and started teaming up with photographers as their hair and makeup artist for photo shoots for clients wanting that perfect pinup look. So now I spend my weekends in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Jess W Photography studio doing hair and makeup, and that combined with my amazing fans buying prints and calendars of me, I'm actually able to pay some bills. There isn't a lot of money in this, and thankfully I already like shopping at thrift stores, but I get to do what I love and that means more to me than making a ton of money.

What one accomplishment in life are you most proud of?
My biggest accomplishment is my daughter, it seems cheesy but its true. She has made me the person I am today, and her constantly telling me I'm a beautiful princess has helped my confidence a bit as well. . She has been able to come along to shoots with me and has even had her own little pinup shoots. She thinks its so fun what I do and loves looking at my photos. I hope to teach her to feel confident and comfortable in her own skin at an early age, and she can carry it on as she gets older. 

What do you love most about yourself?
I like that I'm able to laugh at pretty much any situation, even if its completely inappropriate. Whats the point of dwelling in sadness when you can find the humor in it instead.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?
Well I am a mother and wife, so most of my free time is spent with my family. But when I'm not playing mommy and housewife I like to go to a cute little pub and have a beer, or as soon as the warm weather hits try to make it to some classic car shows.

Who do you lean on for support when you need it?
My husband and best friend Jess are the best support group I could ever ask for. They know exactly how to handle me and the perfect things to say to cheer me up. They know they can never go wrong with nachos or ice cream.

A lot of women are inspired by you because you have a fuller figure.  You show that beauty isn't about size.  You seem very confident with your body and we love that!  Have you always been so body confident?  
My confidence in my body and shape actually didn't start until the past few years. I was one of those girls who always compared myself to others, and thought I was supposed to look a certain way. I'm actually only 5'2", and I thought I had to weigh 100 lbs in order to be attractive but then I realized I was dwelling on a number that would never happen for my body. I was in denial of being curvy or thick for a long time because I thought that was a bad thing. I'm not sure of the exact moment when I looked in the mirror completely naked and finally decided that I like what I saw, but I'm happy that it happened. Going in public with confidence of my body is an amazing feeling and freedom. Not everyone likes curves, just like not everyone likes thinner women, and that's okay! Its not okay for people to be hurtful and mean to those who they think are " too big" or "too thin". We all have our opinion of what is beautiful, but that doesn't mean its okay to bash others for feeling good about themselves. 

What advice would you offer to women who are struggling with body image issues?
My advice is to love yourself first and to not dwell on the small things. No one is perfect and we need to stop expecting ourselves to be perfect as well. We all have problem areas and things we wish we could fix, but that shouldn't keep us from being proud of the really amazing parts. I know a lot of girls have that one person they look up to and aspire to look like one day, but I believe in just looking at yourself and being the best you. If you like the way you look, then flaunt it and don't let anyone make you feel bad about loving yourself and your body.

Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview!  We love your work and look forward to seeing your modeling career grow!

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