Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Talia Rowe

One of our featured Dead Chicks, Talia Rowe, shared these new photos with us along with a message she would like to share with everyone.  Check it out!  Photography by Jessie Bracken Photography.

I get names and accusations thrown at me a lot everyday for being a a Witch, i get judged on a daily basis for believing in and doing what i do.

But people just don't understand me and that's fine with me because i am happy with who I am and no one can make me feel inferior without my consent.  I am passionate about who I am and I will always love who I am no matter what. 

As a witch I have pagan beliefs but I also believe that religion is a human translation in which people are just trying to figure out what life is all about!

There are so many religions and so many different things but if people could put aside there beliefs and opinions, and then we could all agree that if we just live with love, that’s the true religion, every religion teaches that no matter who’s teaching it... they teach you to love.... and that’s where I'm standing, I just wanna love people...for what they believe in and I want them to love me for what I believe in. 

These pictures represent me standing for my love of what i believe in.

Blessed be!

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