Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Thank you so much for doing this interview! I just recently saw a video of yours on YouTube where you were talking about being body positive. A lot of girls struggle with this. They think that they need to look a certain way to be beautiful. What advice would you offer to them?
Well the thing that helped me a lot is the body positive movement going on on the internet, like tumblr and beautiful plus size models. I found super confident girls on tumblr and they inspired me so much and thats how I tried to do the same. I took little baby steps, with wearing a seethrough shirt because I really liked the look of it but I was insecure but one day I was like fuck it I like this I am gonna wear it fuck it.
So a tip is, to look up body positivity, and just search and look around it will inspire you. 
And you only have one body please make the best of it, be happy with it and enjoy it the way you want it by dressing the way you want and the way you feel beautiful!
We love your style! How old were you when you started to discover your style? What is your favorite outfit? Can you share a photo of it with us?
I was around 15/16, and I started with the emo kinda thing haha. Because a friend of my sister was talking about it and I got curious so I looked it up and that way I found the music and style and now I am the person that I am today and do my own thing! but I always liked the louder kind of music you know!

Your dreads always look amazing! When did you start wearing them? For those of us who have never worn synthetic dreads, how easy are they to put in? Who makes your dreads?
i have my real dreads for almost 4 years now and I sometimes put synthetic dreads in to add a little color, I have synthetic dreads from, Erindas dreads, Darc Rainbow Creations and peacock dreams and they are all so beautiful!
Some pictures of me wearing synthethic dreads between my real dreads:

When did you start modeling? Do you feel like it has helped your self confidence?
Well my first photoshoot was with my best friend Mara, she helped me out a lot with the shoot thing, I was a bit shy and akward but through the shoots I did together with her I really started feeling more comfortable in front of the camera. And it really helped me to feel more confident, because you just feel beautiful and if you see the end result your super proud and if people react positive on it you just feel good about yourself. Plus its also a lot of fun! btw I don’t consider myself a model I don’t really do jobs I just have a lot of fun with it!
What do you do for work? Are you happy with it? I work in a callcenter now.. its not want I want but I just moved in with my boyfriend in our new place so we need the money and its hard to find a job. I must admit that I want to do big things but I am afraid to dream big.. I would love to have a clothing line or do make up or something or be a really good graphic designer. I hope the future will bring me good things
btw I am planning to sell some jewelry and maybe some clothing in the future so keep a eye out for that!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? this question is hard for me.. well I hope happy just as I am now, with a job that I like and love, while still doing my thing being creative and maybe be very good in making youtube videos (www.youtube.com/zombiesenn). And even more experience in doing photoshoots, maybe a model for a plus size cothing brand or something that would be the best thing.
Who inspires you? Tess Munster and Zoe Melissa Mae they are both soooo beautiful and succesfull plus size models love love love them! I’ve heard you talk about being bullied. I was bullied as a kid too. What would you say to people who are being bullied to help them through it?
Fuck them, you are a great person and don’t let those sad people bring you down. I know its hard sometimes but focus on the people that care and are there for you better a few amazing friends that are always there for you than a lot of friends that aren’t there for you.
you are better than the people that bully you, fuck them!
Do you think that being bullied as a kid made you a stronger adult?
Uhm.. I think it did, but it also made me like suspicious of everybody that is looking at me and everybody that is whispering when I am near I always think its about me, and thats not such a good thing, but now I am not afraid to let them know that I don’t give a fuck the first time I was all like scared to say something and now I am like, fuck you guys I am great!
Can you share a few of your favorite photos of yourself with us? Ofcourseee! ;D

Thanks again for your time! Thankyou for asking me


Guylaine Evi Dionne said...

She's a model for many other girls...
Impatiente to see new pictures :)

TheMysteriousCow5000 said...

She is gorgeous! And an inspiration for many others,not only plus size girls, but for everyone who feels uncomfortable because of his or her body!